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  Areas of Focus  

Family - Communication, Blended family, Behavioral problems, Adjustments, Foster family, Parenting

Trauma - Reprocess and relase, Negatives that undermine your well-being, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessiing)

Abuse/Neglect - Sexual/physical abuse, Emotional/mental, Relatioships, Grief and loss adjustment

Domestic Violence - Victims, Abusers, Domestic violence assessment, Wittnesses of abuse

Suicidal Thoughts - Self harm, Suicidal ideation, Attempts, Assesment

Eating Disorder - Eating disorders, Body image issues, Anorexia/bulimia, Emotional eating

Relationships - Marriage counseling, Couples counseling, Relationship issues, Gay/bisexual

Children - Play therapy, Behavioral, Attachment, ADHD, Grief and loss, Autism/aspergers/autism spectrum, Social skills, Reactive attachment disorders

Teens and Adolescence - Self harm, Oppositional defiance, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma

Depression and Anxiety - Sleep disorders, Life changes, Major depressive disorders, Panic attacks, Phobias

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